BEApparels is an exciting new business that allows people to custom design a shirt (specifically the design on the front or back) anyway that they would like. By intelligently leveraging cutting edge technology. BEApparels will harness the power of computer sublimation to allow custom T-shirt printing in production runs as small as one unit. BEApparels is a subsidiary of a larger company Baevu Edge Solutions. The company was founded in 2016 by Victor and Uche Eja and its set up and endorsed by the Corporate Affairs Commission of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Imagine the ability to create a totally custom shirt. You choose the material and style of the shirt, and then the image or graphic you want on the front and/or back. This is the ultimate form of expression. There are no limits to what you can communicate. Some people might show their fanaticism for a particular sports team, others a musician. Or you might have a social message or cause on your shirt. Whatever you may decide, you can print any image on your shirt.
BEApparels will offer customers a variety of options for creating their custom shirts. The majority of orders will be for T-shirts, however other style shirts will be available.